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Creators of FrackNation Present New ‘Verbatim Drama’ FERGUSON: How Will YOU Vote?

“Verbatim drama, at its best, is aesthetically indistinguishable from high art.” — Michael Billington, The Guardian LOS ANGELES...


Is America In Decline?

If you do not believe America is in decline, you might be one of the millions of illegal immigrants receiving free housing, clothes, schooling...


Guest Writer Zack Zanardi: My Autism (Or how I learned to be me)

My sister,  Lisa Brown, has a hilarious weekly column in the Longview, Texas magazine CHARM.  Lisa is truly one of the funniest women I’ve...


Why I Highly Recommend the Film, ‘Do You Believe?’

by Holly Woodland Recently my editor Ann-Marie Murrell told me about this wonderful movie she had just seen and insisted I see it as well. She...