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Avalanche of Intolerance Unleashed Against Indiana’s People of Faith

Corporate media’s top three networks attacked Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence, over the weekend— in total for 25 minutes and 30 seconds according...
Posted On Mar 31 2015


What STINKS in the Bergdahl Trade?

Over the weekend, The Stars and Stripes printed an article about Bowe Bergdahl having been charged with desertion. Among the article was a...


I Saw My Father’s Heart Today

I saw my father’s heart today. My father, nearly 91, spent the morning in confusion, removing his sheets, his gown, and the leads on his chest...


Why I Highly Recommend the Film, ‘Do You Believe?’

by Holly Woodland Recently my editor Ann-Marie Murrell told me about this wonderful movie she had just seen and insisted I see it as well. She...