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Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Treason is the New Patriotism

When Republicans complained that Obama refused to talk about Islamic terrorism, he accused them of playing into the hands of ISIS by demanding...


Slate Article: All Children Should Attend Sub-Par Public Schools!

There’s an older Slate article that I’d like to direct your attention to. It really sums up the opinions of so many people who are either...


Parenting – The Joy of the Journey

Many people say, “Parenting is a thankless job”. In a way, it is. There are many times, each day, parents do things for their...
Posted On Mar 14 2015


Why I Highly Recommend the Film, ‘Do You Believe?’

by Holly Woodland Recently my editor Ann-Marie Murrell told me about this wonderful movie she had just seen and insisted I see it as well. She...