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Who Should Judge the Type of Education for Your Student: Parents or Bureaucrats in DC?

Pastor and Oklahoma State Representative Dan Fisher asked recently, “Why do we have Governors if the State hands over their power to the...
Posted On Jan 26 2015


How 13 Hours in Benghazi is Now Affecting Our Fight Against ISIS 

For those of us who have been closely following Benghazi since the attack in September 2012, things seem have taken a slow turn again as far as...


Memo to the Mom in the Store With the Brats.

MEMO: To the mom in the store who wasn’t paying attention, watch out – you just avoided a lawsuit waiting to happen. The scenario played out like...


If Jesus’ Message Is Love, Why So Much Hatred Against Him?

When the word “Christianity” is mentioned, some people immediately turn a deaf ear to what else is said. Many television programs,...